My First Double Penetration Session

I was both nervous and excited to explore DP. My Dom/Master was eager to share me, and our third was an old playmate of mine from my solo hoe days. I had been training all week to make sure I was ready to take them both, as while our third is not exceptionally girthy, my Dom is. I knew I wouldn’t be taking my Dom in my ass for the DP session, but even so, this would be the most stuffed my pussy and ass had ever been at the same time.

The session started out with pleasing our third, we will call him James for the purpose of this entry, while my Dom watched and occasionally teased my pussy with his fingers, and then I worshiped my Dom’s cock while James fucked me from behind. They took turns swapping me back and forth to be used like the good Toy I am, either fucking me or eating me out while I blew the other for about an hour before ordering me to the bedroom and bending me over a wedge pillow and warming up my ass with some toys while eating my pussy. I was already half dick drunk from all of the attention and excitement to be used all day long as James was staying the night with us. By the time my Dom pulled me into his lap to ride his cock I was aching to be filled, eager to push my limits and take as much as I could to please my Master and James. When James slid into my ass I couldn’t help but whimper as they stretched me further than I had ever dared practice on my own. God, it was shamefully fantastic. The pain and pleasure braided together at such a high intensity for me that my voice quivered with every moan. I could feel the heads of their cocks fighting for space inside of me along my vaginal wall. I am proud to say I was able to take them both for about 5 minutes before I needed to go back to just having one of my holes filled at a time.

When my DP limits were reached, I was bent over the wedge pillow again and they took turns fucking my already swollen pussy until each had filled me with Cum. I am lucky that both of my playmates in this scene were Bi men, as my Dom fingered Jame’s ass while he fucked me and when James came, it was easily one of the largest loads I have ever recieved from him. Afterward my Master reclaimed me and filled me with his Cum as well. They took turns using me for the next 3 or so hours (as we started playing around 11:30 and I was not given any break longer than 5 minutes until around 4:30. I was so dick drunk that I did not protest, just happily took them as much as I could, letting them lube my sore pussy up and fuck me senseless again and again. By the end of the evening, I could barely talk, let alone walk. My Subspace was so deep that I ended up having to take off work the next day to deal with not only the physical recovery, but the mental recovery as well, as the subdrop was very real the next day.

It was absolutely the most well-used I have ever been, and I am looking forward to being shared by my Master in the future, hopefully, group play will become more regular for us as we are working on finding local couples to play with, as currently our other options are out-of-state. I cannot wait to be used like that again, as it was such a guilty pleasure to hear my Dom order me to please James and then him again and again, just being sent to wherever in the house they felt like fucking me at that time and using me again and again. Bliss.



As I’m laying here, I can still feel his cum dripping from me, mixed with my own. Tonight my Dom spoiled me thoroughly, eating me out for easily 10 minutes. Filling me with his cum twice, and pinning my thighs to stay open to him, used constantly. Choking me while he fucked me, pinching my nipples while he lapped every last drop out of my pussy before using me again. Having me repeat “I am nothing but your little toy”, or “I’m your greedy little cum slut, your cock sleeve to use as you please” 🥵 I will be honest, it was hot as hell. I was not expecting to hit slave space tonight, where I only crave to be filled, and I greedily will worship his cock and lap up every once of pleasure, as handing all control and trust over to him is intoxicating. Not thinking, or wondering, being able to fully exist in the moment, not even consciously choosing my actions, only responding to his touch and commands like the cum slut I am.

Tomorrow I go to get my hair done, and I’m looking forward to feeling little remainders of what a lucky cum slut I am every time I sit down.



I had a penchant for sad things as a child. My two favorite books were black beauty and Beauty, both horse books (yeah, I was THAT girl, I’m sorry, I cannot undo that part of my past)I loved the movie the Hunchback of Notre Dame. As I got older I fell in love with fantasy, like the Inkheart series, the Thirst series, Eragon, Harry Potter, anything that transported me to an alternate world in my head. I still reread those series as an adult, I still thoroughly enjoy the escapism honestly. I still enjoy sad books and movies, as they’re cathartic for me, but I also have grown to love psychological horror, especially Dean Koontz. I enjoy things to be suspenseful and a little messed up, a good example of this is I love The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchinson, I have scrounged the secondhand bookstores around me with no luck, I’ve only read the digital copy, and I crave to reread it in paper form. There’s just something more satisfying with the smell and texture of paper books.

Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?

Pushing limits

I love the sense of accomplishment I get from being able to push my limits in a scene. My pain tolerance has varied through the years, but even so, I still remember the first time I fully let go with my Dom, and trusted him to handle scene intensity without me needing to back out and clear my headspace for a minute.

I was restrained and bent over, I could feel the heat radiating from where the paddle and flogger had danced across my skin. I could feel my subspace slipping deeper, along with a twinge of anxiety, fear I wouldn’t be able to handle more, fear of pushing my body too hard again. Normally when I feel that intensity is approaching yellow/orange I will voice that I need a break or some aftercare, usually before I’m truly broken. This wasn’t always the case, as I used to hold off using safe words due to a misplaced sense of pride and a unnecessary fear of disappointing my Dom by tapping out. But for once… I was able to quell the fear and anxiety, and fully hand over the reins to my partner, which was new for me given that I had not had that level of trust with a partner before, as casual play usually doesn’t allow for that degree to trust in someone else reading my body, sensing where I’m at.

This scene had some humiliation play in it, and the restraints kept me from being able to squirm away as he fingered my wet cunt and ate my ass. I could feel the heat and embarrassment in my cheeks, knowing I had no choice but to remain exposed and vulnerable to him. The feeling of helplessness only heightening my arousal. He kept going until I came again, and then as I stopped squirming, I was rewarded with feeling his cock slide into me, stretching my now swollen and aching to be used pussy. Then came the impact of his hand as he used me across my already bright red ass, the pain began to make tears come to my eyes. This is where I traditionally back out, as every time previously if I came to tears my headspace would usually crash and I would need to hard stop and switch to aftercare. But for some reason, I didn’t. It wasn’t that I didn’t want the same of backing out, it wasn’t that I felt it was too much like usual, it felt almost as it I was crying against my own will, the tears rolled silently down my cheeks while the wave of another powerful orgasm crashed over me. My Dom noticed my tears when he untied me and checked in to see if I needed to stop, and I shook my head and confirmed I wanted to continue. Even still, my Dom switched from focusing on impact and humiliation play, to sensory play more focused on gentle touches and gently kissed away my tears as he filled me again. I had never been able to hand over control so completely before. While it was a little overwhelming, I was able to enjoy every second of it. It’s not a headspace we have achieved often, but it was an impactful one.

After the scene concluded we talked over my headspace, and kind of how we got to that point. I explained that part of the intensity for me was the mental choice to completely submit, as I had never submitted to any partner previously, allow him to claim me physically as well as, well as best as I can explain it, spiritually as well. As it felt like it opened a new layer to our Dom/sub Master/slave dynamic, not just a session focused on pleasure, but for me, a scene that embodied my trust and love on a new level. It was… Honestly enlightening for me.


Balancing slut goals and life goals

The danger of down time for me is now I start thinking of how much training I can get done, how I can fit in some lunch break fun with my Dom, and still be productive, as if I won’t get distracted by the guilty pleasures at my disposal. I’m going to try to avoid this if course, but I am terrible holding myself accountable, I do better when there is someone actively checking in on my progress. My Dom and I have tried this before but it’s hard when neither of us are good at consistently checking in. I’m considering asking him to do a visual thing, where I put my daily goals and check them off and he can see if I’ve done them or not, we used to use the obedience app but it didn’t work well with us living together. We floated a button jar inspired from smut I was reading but never set anything up. I think I’m going to float the idea again tonight and see if we can do a trial run over the summer. If we find a way that works we can make an adjusted one for my college goals as well since I’m going back this fall to finish my degree hopefully. Maybe we just try several methods this summer and see if we can find one that works.


A creature of ice and snow

How do you feel about cold weather?

I honestly love the wintertime, the cold crisp air makes my body feel alive, I fund the cold refreshing and energizing. I love the way the world seems to glow in the midday sun over a snow-covered field. the crunch of tne snow beneath my feet. Winter brings out the beauty of a hot cup of cocoa, Highlights the beauty in silence.


A Spoiled Birthday Slut

My birthday was last week, and I was thoroughly spoiled throughout it 😉 Any scene I craved was enthusiastically fulfilled until I was quivering puddle beneath him,

My favorite from the last week was easily the night he tied me down to the bed with a vibrator inside of me while he ran to grab us some snacks from the gas station. I made sure that I could undo the restraints and reach my phone as we have a rule that there has to be emergency escapes in place when left alone. But it was wonderful, I edged the whole time he was gone, and even took a coupe of photos for some friends of ours 😉 as well as to put on my Fet. When I heard the front door open I felt my muscles clench as I eagerly waited for him to reach the bedroom, almost sending me over the edge. When he whispered in my ear, giving me permission to cum I wrapped my legs around him as I allowed myself to finally succumbed to the waves of pleasure.

Last night he started out eagerly eating me out, I was honestly expecting a more laid back scene as we had several high intensity scenes, including some humiliation scenes a couple days before, I figured it would be like a 5 or 6 on a scale of intensity at max. I was wrong lol He ate me out until I squired on his face, and then rotated between fucking me and eating me out for another 45 minutes before I had to tap out and switch to aftercare as I was on the edge of sensory overload.

Today we decided to have a recovery day given that between work and play, I am a bit sore. Part of me wanting to push my limits more, and deal with whatever consequences come with pushing my luck. But I know it is better to hold off. Despite my desire to be the greedy cum slut I am and go wake him up with head, I will give both of us some rest and wait until another night. I have been craving him using the giant dildo on me while I am bent over and restrained, making sure by the time he fills me I will be begging to take his cock

Next week my schedule will change drastically and I should be able to get more into my anal training, I am hoping to be able to take him in my ass before his birthday, but I need to do a lot of training as his cock is thick enough that it will take a couple weeks of training to be able to handle his cock long enough for him to finally be able to claim my ass properly with a creampie. But it is a gift I really want to give him for his birthday after being so spoiled for mine, and I know he loves watching me squirm, dripping wet for his cock while he plays with my ass.


Dick Drunk

I love when I reach the level of subspace where I crave to be used mercilessly, thriving on every touch, be it sharp or dull. Thriving on the ecstacy of handing over complete control, total trust in my Dom’s ability to guide me along the outskirts of my comfort zone.

When I can reach the sweet spot of my body humming with pleasure and focused entirely on the moment. No distractions, no background thoughts, just submerged in my senses. Eager and aching to take everything I can. Wanting to push myself further, fighting the urge to quirm away and forcing myself to remain vulnerable and push past the initial feeling of being over sensitized and into a space where my Dom can edge me or start a series of forced orgasms. Fully immersed in wanting to be used and worship every inch of my Dom until I drain every last drop from him like the good little cum slut I am. Every time one wave of pleasure ends another begins. The last time I was in this headspace, my Dom kept switching between fucking me from behind to eating my ass while he continued to tease my clit with his fingers, knowing that I was dripping wet but squirming with humiliation, and loving every second of it, while I was bent over an tied down, helpless to do anything other than ride the waves of pleasure.

I love getting into that headspace, and enjoy the small reminders of being so well used the next day. I do run the risk of having sub-drop the next day, but with some next-day after care, it is fairly minimal.

A slut with stage fright, the struggle.

Master and I have been working on trying to enter the local scene and kink clubs, but while we have made plans to go to them multiple times, either the other people fall through or we have to reschedule, so we haven’t actually made it to a single event. And a small part of me is relieved every time. While I love group play, I still suffer from stage fright when others are watching me play. Doon’t get me wrong, I love a good adrenaline rush in a scene. I have thoroughly enjoyed a kidnapping scene with a previous partner of me being bound and gagged adn driven out into the woods for a scene and it was honestly very exhilarating, but there were not any eyes of others who were not part of the scene.

My birthday is coming up before the end of this month, and I wish I had the courage to go to a club for a good birthday play session, but even if I did, I generally don’t play on a first meet up, so there’s many obstacles in the idea. I just need to start tackling them one at a time. There’s a club about an hours drive away that is open on saturdays only, I feel like it is far enough away I may be willing t go play casually as I am less likely to know anyone there.

Honestly, all I want is to be bent over, blind folded, and used and teased by strangers without me ever knowing who is doing what, just trusting my master to keep me satisfied and safe while I am freely used.


Sometimes, a scene hits a hiccup

Sadly our group play plans fell through again, and then I was down and out with an illness for about a week. So I am only just coming off of my mandated break from dick now that my body is now mostly recovered. Today is my last day on antibiotics.

We are looking into joining a Swinger’s club near us, supposed to have a couple we are friends with join us there on a Friday night, and hopefully go upstairs and play with them for the first time.

Master has gotten more creative with his punishments lately. Friday night he tied me down to the bed, put my gspot/clit vibrator inside of me on high, and left me there while he went to shower. I so badly wanted to undo the velcro cuffs with my teeth, as any time we do play where I am left alone, there is always one limb left to where I can get out if needed as a safety net, but I had been bratty all day and did not want to add any more additional punishments to the running list of the day. So I lay there, strapped down, in a mixture of pleasure and torture as I edged, I made it a good 5 before I came. The overstimulation started, and things went from fun to genuinely a punishment, the vibration on my clit was too much, I wanted it to stop so badly, my whole body was tense and my pussy felt hot and tingled like TV static. My Master was gone longer than expected, as he failed to mention he was shaving and showering, not just showering. If I had known that…I would have released myself as I knew my defense would be strong enough to avoid further punishment, as this is not play we have ever allowed to go on longer than 5 minutes, but I couldn’t be sure how much time had passed, and I heard the water running the whole time and assumed he was in the shower and time just appeared slower because of the edging. So I stayed strapped down for what was probably a good 12 minutes. So by the time my master came back we had to cease playing with the vibrator and switch to aftercare as my body was oversensitized and I was still experiencing muscle twitches and unable to relax. My Master and I are not perfect, and this was one of our few instances of poor communication that caused a scene to need to be paused. We discussed and revised rules and limits for this type of play while my Master helped my muscles relax and soothe my headspace. We were able to continue back into the scene and I was able to get into the headspace I needed to be able to worship my Master’s cock and feel him fill me before ending the night.

I am working on setting up a first meetup and then a playdate with another swinger Dom I have been talking to, I hope works out as I have missed my Master reclaiming me, as that is when he is his most Primal and I love it.


Working on being a patient slut

So I misunderstood last week when our potential playmate said Wednesday, he meant this Wednesday, so I am still eagerly awaiting our group session. 24 hours to go 😈

My Master is excited to watch me be used and share me. He loves giving me instructions on where to take or how to serve another Dom in a session. And I’m always happy to comply 😜

I still need to pick out an outfit for tomorrow, I want something I can easily wear without panties so my partners can choose to fuck me with or without the outfit on. I’m eager to take my first uncircumcised cock, and he seems long enough that he may be able to take me from behind without too much of an issue 🤤

I will try to post tomorrow or Thursday morning with an update on the delicious damage they do to me tomorrow 😈